SNK Corporation (Head Office: Osaka Prefecture Suita City, President: Koichi Toyama) has announces a new  game machine "NEOGEO mini (Neo Geo Mini)" commemorating the 40th anniversary of the SNK brand.


"NEOGEO mini" is a game machine with 40 built-in masterpieces and masterpiece titles from among the varied lineup of the game platform "NEOGEO" born in 1990. The game machine body has a 3.5-inch liquid crystal display and you can enjoy your favorite game without connecting it to the TV monitor. It is a compact size to ride in the palm, and the exterior design is prepared in two types: the Japanese version (sold in Japan, Asia region) and the overseas version (sold in North America, Europe and other regions). The Japanese version was designed with blue, white, red color scheme, with the motif of NEOGEO's arcade cabinet which appeared in the 1990's. Overseas version is a simple, modern design based on black, white, blue. 

  • Product name: NEOGEO mini (Neo Geo Mini) 
  • Number of titles included: 40 Title 
  • Liquid crystal size: 3.5 inch 
  • Dimensions / Weight: W135 mm × D 108 mm × H 162 mm / 600 g 
  • Accessory: Power cable No) 
    and connectors: HDMI terminal (for TV output), headphone jack, an external controller terminal 2 × 

Asia version of NEOGEO mini

European version of NEOGEO mini

see also Press announcement

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