Nearly all games has been dumped, a good way to enter in the Neo Geo world if you are on a budget. I recommend you to kill 2 usb sidewinder pad and wire them to real Neo Geo pad.
Best emulator ever made: Neorage X (under windows) Work greatly on a P120/Celeron 300 with no video tuning or great videocard. Authors discontinued their job and no update is available, some hacker modify the executable and provide new background and enhance the list of games recognize (in factyou get a title instead of the zip name if it isnt recognize)
  Mame 32: none of the above, lot of configurations settings, new games added only with help of drivers, ask for a good 1Ghz system with a good video card (geforce)

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all credit to authors The NEO GEO CD FAQRev. 2.0, 10-09-2004 LEGAL STUFF: This is a free document written for non-commercial use only. It is okay touse it in any way provided the contents remain unaltered and full credit isgiven.The name Neo Geo, the Neo Geo CD console and games are (c) SNK/Playmore.All other copyrights and trademarks are acknowledged and respected that arenot specifically mentioned herein. Table of Contents: 1. General 1.1. What is the Neo Geo CD?1.2. How many …
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My AES PCB No 007444(181 ko)This is my modest contribution to the world of Neo Geo! I Translated into French the Neorage Readme CLICK HEREToday, I still recommend You to use the first available (and never outpassed, speaking of ressources and quality) NeorageX 0.6bNeo Geo CD manualNeo Geo AES manual …
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