&160; The games I do not own are still in grey color, you can contact me if you are selling some of them.


2020 Super Baseball
3 Count Bout/Fire Suplex
ADK World
Aero Fighters 2/Sonic Wings 2
Aero Fighters 3/Sonic Wings 3
Aggressors of Dark Kombat
Alpha Mission 2/ASO II&160;
Art of Fighting
Art of Fighting 2&160;
Art of Fighting 3
Art of Fighting 3 Special Box Edition&160;&160;
Baseball Stars Professional&160;
Baseball Stars 2&160;&160;
Blue's Journey/Raguy
Burning Fight
Puzzle Bobble
Chotetsu Brikin'ger/Iron CladÝ
Crossed Swords
Crossed Swords 2&160;&160;
Double Dragon
Fatal Fury
Fatal Fury 2&160;
Fatal Fury Special
Fatal Fury 3
Football Frenzy
Futsal: Pleasure Goal on Goal 5
Galaxy Fight&160;
Ghost Pilots&160;
Idol Mahjong Final Romance 2
Kabuki Klash/Far East of Eden
Karnov's Revenge/Fighter's History Dynamite&160;
King of Fighters '94
King of Fighters '95
King of Fighters '96
King of Fighters '96 Collection
King of Fighters '97

King of Fighters '98
King of Fighters '98 with '99 Calendar&160;
King of Fighters '98 Special Box Edition
King of Fighters '99
King of the Monsters 2&160;
Last Blade
Last Blade 2
Last Resort&160;&160;
League Bowling
Magical Drop 2
Magician Lord
Mahjong Janshin Densetsu
Mahjong Kyoretsuden
Master of Syougi&160;&160;
Metal Slug
Metal Slug 2
Mutation Nation
Neo DriftOut&160;
Neo Geo CD Special
Neo Turf Masters/Big Tournament Golf
Ninja Combat&160;
Ninja Commando
Ninja Master's
Oshidashi Zintrick
Power Spikes 2
Puzzled/Joy Joy Kid
Quiz King of Fighters&160;&160;
Ragnagard/Shin Oh Ken&160;&160;
Real Bout Fatal Fury
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

Real Bout Fatal Fury 2&160;
Riding Hero&160;&160;
Robo Army
Samurai Shodown
Samurai Shodown II
Samurai Shodown III

Samurai Shodown IV
Samurai Shodown RPG
Savage Reign&160;
Sengoku 2
Soccer Brawl&160;
Stakes Winner GI&160;&160;
Street Hoop/Dunk Dreams
Super Sidekicks
Super Sidekicks 2&160;
Super Sidekicks 3&160;
Super Spy, The
Rally Chase&160;&160;
Top Hunter
Top Players Golf&160;&160;
Twinkle Star Sprites
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer
Windjammers/Flying Power Disc
World Heroes&160;
World Heroes 2
World Heroes 2 JET
World Heroes Perfect

I am always trying to complete my collection, you can contact me if you are selling some Neo-Geo CD games.

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