Spektrum introduces another enormous change for the RC industry—The most affordable full-range 2.4GHz radio ever available. The DX5e brings together the unbeatable control of genuine DSM2 technology with the simplest, easiest-to-use design available, letting anyone, from park fliers to students to instructors and more, take advantage of Spektrum technology for less

Mode 2 is most often used in the United States, while Mode 1 is most often used in Europe, there are two other modes that are used overseas and here is a listing of the 4 modes and their actions.


  Left stick Right stick
up/down left/right up/down left/right
Mode 1 elevator rudder throttle aileron
Mode 2 throttle rudder elevator aileron
Mode 3 elevator aileron throttle rudder
Mode 4 throttle aileron elevator rudder

Mode I
The control stick configuration with the rudder and elevator being controlled by the left stick while the right stick controls the throttle and ailerons.
Mode II
The control stick configuration with the ailerons and elevator being controlled by the right stick while the left stick controls the rudder and throttle.

To complete this how-to, you’ll have to remove 11 screws, swap a spring and ratchet, and flipping a switch.

Once you remove the screws from the back of the case and pop the mainboard off (5 screws), you will notice the sixth switch on the right. It&39;s labeled "JR_SW", and this sets the Mode between 2 and 1.

  • JR_SW UP  = Mode 1
  • JR_SW Down  = Mode 2

Now you need to move the springs and throttle "clicker" from one stick to the other.

Open the radio by removing 6 screws in the back.

spektrumDx5e_conversion_mode_open spektrumDx5e_conversion_mode_overall

Remove the mainboard, to access the switch JR_SW and move it UP for mode 1 and down for mode 2. When switched you can place the mainboard back in place and secure it.


Now you can move the ratchet from the right to the left, Remember:

  • Ratchet on the left: mode 1
  • Ratchet on the right : mode 2

To remove the spring, you just need to unscrew:


To put back the spring in place, it is better to also remove the 4 screws which are keeping the stick box in place. This will let you open the side of the stick box to access more easily the spring.


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