Unusual case where you can put a computer using VIA Mini-ITX mainboards

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Linux what to monitor v1.0.0
I use to make mind map to organize my ideas, or to organize huge amount of data in a tree manner. Maintaining your own root server is time consuming, to say the least, but it will also force you to put your energy in areas where there is a lot of new things to learn. Here I present you a mind map that contains most of the tools and ideas of what you should monitor on a #Linux server.   …
3236 Days ago
Secure, Safe, Fast Linux Hosting v1.6.0
Here is the latest version of my growing mind map that will help you to secure your #Linux box. While some node are clearly targeted toward Joomla!, you can still safely apply a lot of my recommendations to any LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) server.   This mind map is an ongoing work, that is why it has also a version number in it (v1.6). As soon as I will learn new tricks, the mind map will be updated. Added …
3238 Days ago
Linux has never been looking so good as with MeeGo 1.1
MeeGo is a #Linux-based open source mobile operating system project which was announced at Mobile World Congress in February 2010 by Intel and Nokia in a joint press conference. Its aim is to merge the efforts of Intel on Moblin and of Nokia on Maemo into one project. It is hosted by the #Linux Foundation. Free and Open Source of course. Visit http://meego.com/ for more informations …
3496 Days ago
Linux Kernel development figures
How Fast it is Going, Who is Doing It, What They are Doing, and Who is Sponsoring It: An August 2009 Update The kernel which forms the core of the #Linux system is the result of one of the largest cooperative software projects ever attempted. Regular 2-3 month releases deliver stable updates to #Linux users, each with significant new features, added device support, and improved performance. The rate of change in the kernel is high and increasing, with over 10,000 …
3785 Days ago
Nintendo DS Linux Kernel Booting
Developers have gotten the kernel booted on the Nintendo DS as well as a simple sash shell and some text games. More at http://www.dslinux.org/ and in their forums. …
5373 Days ago
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by Gsurface on 23 Oct 2004"With Novell's recent release of their SLES9 server (Suse #Linux Enterprise Server), I decided to compare their new offering against Microsoft's Windows 2003 Server (Enterprise Edition) in a Windows based network environment. Can SLES9 be a viable server solution as an answer to using a Windows 2003 Server? ... Conclusions As you can see, Novell's SLES9 is a very worthy contender to Microsoft's Win2k3 Server in a Windows environment. Not only does SLES9 perform better …
5553 Days ago