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    I've post today the post number 2001..more details below:

    Total Time Spent Online: 3 days, 2 hours and 43 minutes.
    Total Posts: 695 posts a bit lower than the number of registered users (734)
    Total Topics Started: 56 topics

    Here are the complete stats

    Not bad for all my GPL projects...remember I do support/coding on my free time, and do not earn
    money for this, so please stay polite and be precise when requesting support from me. Thanks

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    I’ve decide to go away from phpBB3 as applying mod is a joke, it require you to patch/edit php file manually while in SMF, it is a plugin.

    Migrate your forums from phpBB3 to SMF

    Download the converter convert.php at and save it in the root folder of a new SMF installation.

    Backup your SMF/phpBB3 databases and files just in case something bad happen.

    The conversion tools is really powerful and support luckily a huge list of forums:

    Download the right convert SQL file from

    Software: phpBB
    Version: phpBB3+

    then run

    php convert.php --path_to=/srv/www/vhosts/forums/httpdocs/smf --path_from=/srv/www/vhosts/forums/httpdocs/phpbb3 --convert_script=phpbb3_to_smf.sql --db_pass=xxxxxxxxxxxxx --debug

  • Feel free to post and discuss about RC Helicopters or old vintage scooters.
    Right now I have open a section for each language: French and English, also german people can still submit threads in one of these.

    My forums are working well since July 2006. Thanks all for your feedback and code patches. I will soon have new exciting components versions for You!

    Total Members: 332
    Total Posts: 1130
    Total Topics: 283
    Total Categories: 10
    Users Online: 8
    Most Online: 28
    Online Today: 18

    Average registrations per day: 1.12
    Average posts per day: 3.88
    Average topics per day: 1.01
    Total Boards: 42

    Average online per day: 7.17
    Male to Female Ratio: 1:0

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    I decide to migrate to PHBB and went away from SMF!

    Don’t understand it wrongly, SMF was great for me in the last 3 years: stable, easy to use and not much targeted by hackers ;-)



    I leave SMF mainly as:

    • There is no bridge available in Joomla! (bridge is discontinued and considered unsafe)
    • I would like to unify login across all my sub domains in the near future. The idea is to let you log yourself only once in Joomla, and have access to forums, bug tracker, wiki and continuous build&160; and so on,
    • Joomla! forums are also using PHPBB so scaling should not be an issue (they have currently Total posts 1578894 | Total topics 352041 | Total members 268363)&160; :-)

    How to go from SMF to PHPBB

    The converter plugin found at&160; SMF 1.1 to phpBB3 Convertor did work well for me and has not shown any problem till now.

    So last but not least:


  • &160;

    A patch has been released fixing a few bugs and addressing some security vulnerabilities.
    We urge all forum administrators to upgrade to SMF 1.1.5&8212;simply visit the package
    manager to install the patch.

    Report me any issues so I may be able to take some actions. Thanks.

    NOTE: I respond today to 40 posts, that just half all open messages...

    2149 Posts in 564 Topics by 798 Members.
    See more Forums stats here

  • I did update my forums to the latest version of simple machine.

    Please, report me any error as soon as possible if any. Thanks.

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    Simple Machines Forum — SMF in short — is a free, professional grade software package that allows you to set up your own online community within minutes.

    This module displays the last n topics/post from your SMF forum. It also display a link to go directly to the Topic/Post. Note that I am using the RSS feed of SMF not this module on my site.