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    I am developing a new plug-in for Joomla!! 1.5 that allow you to display any Freemind Mind Map using a fancy Flash applet in any Joomla! article


    you’ll be able to write in your article this special text code


    to trigger the rendering.

    The admin panel will contains a lot of settings, among others: width, height, settings of the rendering applet.

    Code is ready and will be released shortly. Submission to Joomla extensions directory will be done later this week.

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    I offer You now a new plug-in for Joomla! 1.5 that allow you to display any Freemind Mind Map using a fancy Flash applet in article content.

    You can put anywhere in your article the following keywords {freemind uri= width= height=}

    freemind.example2 This Joomla! plugin use Freemind Flash Browser:


    You can see the flash browser in action (full screen) here


    All these parameters are mandatory,uri has to be a path to a local free mind map file.

    • {freemind uri=images/stories/maps/ width=400 height=400}&160;&160;&160;&160;&160; being in images/stories/maps/
    • {freemind width=400 height=400}&160;&160;&160; being in root folder of Joomla!

    Administrator panel

    Freemind content plugin come with a full range of settings to change the output according to your taste.



  • Native Joomla! 1.5 plugin,
  • Code produced is XHTML 1.0 Strict,
  • Tested in the following browser Firefox, Opera, Chrome, IE 8
  • Approved at Joomla Extension JED, (soon)
  • GPL v3.0,
  • Non commercial. and free forever


    Freemind map (*.mm) have to be on your host, you can not display currently remote mind map, or uri starting with http://