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  • Modellsport Hornet 2

    right out the box
    slowly assembling, click read more below

    Equiped with

    Ms Modellsport Hornet 2 bought 130€ onwww.ebay.com
    Gyro: CSM 400 **
    RX: Rx 600 FM 41Mhz
    Pitch/Roll/Nick-Servo: Hitec HS55 **
    Tail-Servo: Hitec HS55 **
    Battery: 2000H3S 2000mAh LiPo Pack 3s Kokam
    bought 213€ with charger onhttp://www.rc-lipo.de/.
    battery are expensive but can be reused for my
    Draganflyer 4 rotor helicopter
    Blades: Carbon blade *
    Hacker Motor Pinions 2.3 bore with dual set screw 1 $12
    Steel Pinion - Tail Drive Shaft 1 $6
    Revolution Aluminum base w/CF plate frame for Hornet 2 99€
    Hornet Aluminum Head Block 1 $29
    Stabilizer Anti Rotation Arm with Pin Set Screws 1 $15
    CNC Blade Grips 1 $29
    Hornet Collective Pitch Pivot Support 1 $20
    Hornet Collective Horn 1 $20
    CNC Stabilizer dome 1 $20
    Pro wood fully symmetrical blades with CNC Spacers 1 $17
    Horizontal Fin / Clamp Set 2 26€
    Tail Fin Mount with Tail Servo Mount 2 26€
    CNC Anti Rotation Arm 1 $9
    CNC Tail slider arm 1 *
    120CCPM Low Profile Swashplate SR4 3 $79

    High Strength Plastic Main Gear 180T/40T 3 $11

    Horizontal Fin Holder Hornet II with Fin+
    "W" Carbon Fiber Tail Blades+
    Tail Rudder Servo Mount Hornet II+
    Vertical Fin
    3 free

    Precision High Speed Steel 2x36mm Tail Shaft 3 $6.50
    Precision Tail Gear Case Hornet II
    Precision Tail Rotor SE
    Tail Pitch Lever (Bell Crank)
    Tail Pitch Slider SE

    1. www.helihobby.com will sell you anything even if it do not past together... 11/20
    2. www.updaterc.com correct prices for europe. 15/20
    3. www.microheli.com SUPER great shop, advices and services, highly recommended 19/20

    * Fully upgrade rotor head (including swahsplatte + anti rotation arm ) bought 140€ with carbon blades (value $229 without blades)
    www.ebay.com . but Available onwww.helihobby.com
    ** From a spare hornet 1 bought for 301€ onwww.ebay.de and partially resold without electronic for 200€ (kept the best part)

    Motor: Hacker 20-22S brushless + controller **
    Number of Crash: 0

    Do you need so much upgrades? certainly not! I would say that the carbon frame, the tail gear case, the swashplate, the tail rudder mount are a must. Prices are going down with the new H2 clone (Dragonfly), moreover I aquire a lot of parts on ebay....


    The Hitec HS-55 continues the Hitec tradition of affordable performance. Featuring precision components that have been engineered to provide long lasting trouble free service. The HS-55 is the perfect choice for any micro application from indoor R/C and hand launch gliders, to ultra small electric Park and Yard flyers, Speed 400 and 1/2A powered aircraft.

    Technicals informations

    Dimensions: 23 x 12 x 24 mm
    Mass/weight: 8g
    Operating voltage: 4.8 - 6.0 Volts
    Nominal voltage: 4.80 Volts
    Torque: 1.1/1.3 Ncm
    Transit speed: 0.17/0.14 sec.

    ** Complete plastic head CP 43.13€
    Boom & tail assembly 45€
    Hornet 2 main frame 25.06€
    Complete CP metal head upgrade 152€

    on www.ebay.com by lilly2525 (1527)


    Less expensives rotor blades!

    Rotor blades are way to overpriced for that kind of heli, and cost as much as 30 size blades and sometimes more!!!! crazy I list here the less expensives, I encourage You to discuss this on forums or contact me if you find a better source.



    LIPO voltage monitor


    Shops/tuning parts


    Flight journal


  • >Can you give me some advice on how to get the stock pins out of the hornet II main shaft. There are two. One in the  >main gear and one in the head block.

    very depending... on the configuration of parts (with or without electronic and plastic) around...

    • Only metal part -> in hoven 80°C, let dilatation work for You...
    • A mix of plastics and metal without electronics-> in freezer -10°C during 2 hours , let dilatation work for You...
    • A full heli around :-) use a grip like this one:  or a  smaller model ->

      apply a pressure on only one side of the pins with grip, the other side must touche only the main shaft
    Interesting readings:

     Tricks of the Trade: Poor Man's Hornet 2

  • full of $300 of metal upgrades I paid 200€ thanks to the exchange rates, more pics soon as I will be mounting this baby during the week end....

    A lot of beautiful pictures can be found on the manufacturer homepage:www.microheli.com