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  • I did upgrade from TeamCity 5.0.1 to TeamCity 5.1.1 In no time, just drop the war in my Tomcat container :-)

    At this address you will always find the latest snaphosts of some (I would need 44 builds to display them all!) of my PHP projects for Joomla!

    I will also upgrade tomorrow early morning our TeamCity Licensed server at .

    Continuous build for Joomla!

    By the way I have still to deliver (HERE and HERE) what i promised on the Joomla! development group, aka a full solution for developing Joomla! using Maven for PHP and Teamcity/Bamboo/Husdon. You can see the documentation I made in my WIKI (work in progress)

    TeamCity integration in Joomla!

    At the same time, Joomla! users that are using TeamCity, search no more, I will be providing you the first GPL module for Joomla! that let you display in your site the status of all your builds/projects! The code is heavily using the REST API with PHP CURL and a bit of XML parsing. If you have any requirements, it is still time to drop me an email ;-)

  • I am working on a small proof of concept for Joomla! and components that allow visitors to leave comments. At engadget, there is, since the redesign, an interesting widget written in CSS (click on picture to see it running)


    And here is my version, achieved after 2 hours of work. There is still some work to do to make it move pleasant to the eyes, the PHP API is stable even if there is some changes still to be done in JavaScript.


    • Size of bubble is dynamic and depending on number of comments but can be configured to be always of the same size.
    • Y axis label (0 - 128) need to be remove (JavaScript)
    • X label (0 - 100) must be replaced by time (JavaScript)
    • Joomla! 1.5 module
    • Use Mootools 1.2
    • Use MooChart from Johan Nordberg
    • OO code from the beginning, 300 LOC

    Functionalities (ideas)

    • Get the latest X articles of the week and display bubble against number of comments,
    • Get the highest commented articles,

    Release date is unknown, still need to take care of my mother and go first through my forums

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